Certification and Going Live

Before we allow any new integrator to go live and transact on our live systems we have a certification process that must be completed. This is a final check where Savvy work with you to ensure that your implementation is working as expected, and should be factored in to any timelines you have for going live.

The Certification Process

When you feel that your implementation is ready, please contact Savvy to request a copy of our certification test script. This is a document with a list of test cases that we ask you to complete, and provide fields for you to fill in various details and results. Follow the link below to see what this document looks like. When you request the document from us, please let us know which of the available endpoints you are using and we will tailor the test script to remove anything irrelevant to you. The test script is quite short and should take no more than a few hours to complete. The Security tab answers are very important so please take the necessary time to answer all sections.

Once you have completed the certification document, email it back to Savvy. We will then carry out verification of your testing from our side. Please allow 4-5 business days for this to be completed. Any problems or further questions that may arise will be noted on the document and returned to you. Once all outstanding problems have been resolved, and any outstanding questions answered, Savvy will approve the certification. With most new integrations there are at least some questions / issues, so we recommend you allow for a week to cover this.

Common Reasons for Certification Failure / Delay

A few common pitfalls that will result in certification failure or delays include:

  • Duplicate requestId values (these should always be unique)

  • Not implementing the Reverse endpoint

  • Incomplete certification documents

  • Sending balance enquiry requests with an amount other than zero

Moving to the live environment

Once certification has been complete, but before moving to the live environment, we need you to provide us with any IP addresses that you will use to communicate with our live service so that we can whitelist those. This applies even if you are using the same IP addresses for testing and live transactions.

We will provide you with the production subscription key, a merchant ID (or multiple merchant IDs if required) and secret key (one per merchant ID). Your adminTeamId value will typically be the same in both test and live.

We strongly recommend you do at least some testing on our live system before rolling out to your customers, just to ensure everything is working as expected end-to-end. Note that we cannot delete transactions from our live systems, so please keep transaction amounts small to avoid skewing your reporting figures.