Redeeming is the process of removing funds from a card, either a plastic card or a virtual card.

The API provides 2 different ways to redeem:

1)      Redeem without a PIN (via the ‘RedeemNoPin’ endpoint)

2)      Redeem with a PIN (via the ‘Redeem’ endpoint)

Redeem without a PIN tends to be used where the cardholder is present, for example in store. In this case the Epos system should implement ‘RedeemNoPin’. Redeem with a PIN tends to be used where the cardholder is not present, for example on the company website. In this case the webstore/website should implement ‘Redeem’.

The (obvious) difference between the 2 endpoints is that the card’s PIN must be provided in the ‘Redeem’ endpoint. If the PIN is not provided or is not the correct PIN for the card, the request will fail. 

Multi-currency redemption (redeeming a currency value in one currency from a card with a balance in another currency) is possible providing the customer has a set of exchange rates defined. This is in use where customers span multiple territories and allow multi-currency redemption.

More information including details of the request/response elements as well as examples are provided in the ‘API’ section of this site.