User Interface

Savvy does not dictate how the integrator displays the functionality to the end user, nor can we give specific advice on how it should be incorporated into the merchant’s existing processes. Since the needs and processes vary a lot from one merchant to another, such considerations are left entirely to the integrator / merchant.

To give an idea of the kind of features that can harness this interface, here are a just a few ways in which merchants have incorporated the Savvy REST endpoints into their businesses:

Balance Enquiry form

We had one retailer implement a widget on their ecommerce site that simply allowed the user to check their gift card balance by entering the card number, PIN and a Captcha code and clicking a Submit button. On clicking Submit, their form called the Balance endpoint and displayed the returned balance to the user. They then had several links to this page from other parts of their site.

Send a voucher code as a gift

We had a retailer offer gift voucher codes as an item for sale on their site. The merchant’s site prompts the shopper to provide some details:

  • Enter the sender’s name

  • Enter the recipient’s email address

  • Add a personal message

  • Choose from a number of email designs (Happy Birthday, Thank You, Merry Christmas etc.)

  • Choose from a list of voucher denominations

When the shopper has gone through the checkout process to pay for their voucher, the merchant’s website calls the InitializeVirtualCard endpoint to activate a new voucher code for the required amount. Within 24-48 hours (to allow for any issues with credit card payment) a personalized email is sent to the recipient containing the digital card number returned.

Redeem a gift card at start of checkout process as part-payment

We have seen retailers offer the opportunity to use a gift card to pay either part or all of the balance of their order by asking the shopper at the start of the checkout process if they have a gift card / voucher code. If they choose ‘yes’, the shopper is presented with a form where they can enter their gift card details and the amount to be redeemed. This form, when submitted, calls the Redeem endpoint. The amount successfully redeemed from the gift card is then deducted from the total value of the order, allowing any outstanding balance to be paid by credit card.